Artı Değer, established in 2003, serves many domestic and global brands with a team of experts and a rich legacy. Health Care Communications is a specialized department of Artı Değer, offering services in healthcare communications.

Our Responsibility

  • In light of Turkey’s cultural and socioeconomic structure,  we are aware of our significant social responsibility towards the society as well as the organizations and people we represent through PR and media activities in healthcare.
  • With this responsibility in mind, we place great emphasis on the necessity and importance of specializing in healthcare.

Our mission and vision at Artı Değer is to raise public awareness about healthcare; provide information on diseases, symptoms, prevention methods and the latest innovations and to play an active role in making the Turkish society healthy. Embracing this mission and vision, we serve as a reliable source of information and ideas to make sure that ethical and legitimate information is communicated through the right channels among experts and from the experts to the community.

Our Services
Corporate and leadership communications, healthcare communications, brand communications, corporate reputation and image management, media relations, marketing communications, internal communications, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) projects, crisis management, event management, digital communications, social media, creative content consultancy; measurement, reporting and media trainings; communications strategy development, planning and implementation; stakeholder communications, sponsorship communications, media planning and procurement, conference communications.

President of the Agency
Who is Şulecan D. Toközlü?
Şulecan D. Toközlü studied at Marmara University, with an undergraduate degree in Journalism and Public Relations at the School of Communications, followed by MA and PhD programs at the Department of Media Economics and Management in the Institute of Social Sciences. She served as an academic at Marmara University School of Communications. She then worked at different media outlets as consultant, technical expert, production coordinator and executive in advertising, PR, and media.
In 2003, she started Artı Değer Strategic Communications Consultancy Company, where she currently works as the President.
She provided strategic communications consultancy services to various institutions and organizations in the healthcare sector. She created and launched various media and social responsibility projects some of which received national and international awards.
Her areas of interest are media education and crisis management.

Her TV productions
In 2007, she produced and hosted a healthcare TV show called “Changing Life with Diabetes” on Kanal Türk,  and another one named “Living with Cancer” on CNN Türk in 2008. In 2012, she served as editorial consultant at HTV where she also produced and hosted a show called “Patient Rights”.

Memberships and Affiliations
Artı Değer is the Turkey representative of Health Unlimited.
Şulecan D. Toközlü, President of the Agency, is a board member at TÜHİD (Turkish Public Relations Association).

AWARDS (Last updated 2018)

  • James E. Burke Global Awards (2017) - Janssen Turkey  
  • “Golden Compass” by TÜHİD - Artı Değer and Janssen with “Gündüz Atlası” (Daylight Atlas) project (2017)
  • “Golden Compass” by TÜHİD - Artı Değer and Novartis Oncology with “Mayıs Çiçekleri/Umudun Rengi Kan Kırmızı” (Flowers of May/Blood-red for Hope) project (2012)
  • “Social Responsibility in Health Grand Award” Sağlık Gönüllüleri (Healthcare Volunteers) Turkey - Novartis Oncology with `Act on it! Send Your Story` project (2011)
  • “Golden Compass” by TÜHİD - Artı Değer and Novartis with “Harekete Geç! Hikayeni Gönder” (Act On it! Send Your Story)  project (2011) “Social Responsibility in Health Grand Award” by Sağlık Gönüllüleri Turkey - Novartis Oncology with “Annemle Biz Kanseri Yeneriz” (We Beat Cancer With Mommy) Project  (2009)
  • “Best Practice - Global Grand Award”, 2009 World Hypertension Day - Novartis Turkey with its activities and media studies on World Hypertension Day (2009)
  • “Global Best Practice Award " - Novo Nordisk Turkey with “Diabetes Truck” project for reaching out to the largest target group and achieving the goals with the highest success rate (2009)
  • “Global Best Practice Award” - Novo Nordisk Turkey with “The Best Diabetes news story Media Contest” (2009)
  • “Global Best Practice Award” - Novo Nordisk  with PR activities and event management for the World Diabetes Day (2008)
  • “The Best and Most Significant Blue Circle Activity” by IDF, International Diabetes Federation, for the World Diabetes Day  (2008)
  • “Global Best Practice Award” - Novo Nordisk with Turkey Diabetes Control Project (2008)
  • “Global Rich One Award" - Novo Nordisk with “Diabetic Patients’ cycling tour on Ankara-İstanbul track” for the World Diabetes Day (2007)
  • “Best in the World Grand Award ” - Novo Nordisk Turkey with “Changing the Diabetes” Arts Competition (2007)
  • “Global Rich One Award” - Novo Nordisk with “Global Diabetes Walk” for the World Diabetes Day (2004)